How to create premade fan lashes?

How to create premade fan lashes?

Eyelashes are an important part of the human face. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And eyelids are the door to protect that “soul”. Eyelashes are also a highlight when the girls wink, or blur when they are wet. However, sometimes not everyone has naturally long eyelashes. In the process of making up at beauty salons, eyelash extensions often use the premade fan fans.

And are you curious about how premade fan lashes are made?

Today, let’s learn about the Lashes factory to see what steps to have a premade fan lashes need to go through.

Selecting the material

Lashes material
Premade fan lashes material

As we all know that Premade fan lashes are made of PBT synthetic, and we need to select the fiber at the very beginning.

The quality of the raw material can determine the quality of lashes.

Before making lashes, we need to prepare the lashes as the raw material, and top-rated Premade fan lashes has a smooth and silky texture.

The most popular fiber used for lash extensions is PBT which has various types, such as Konex, Pbblack, Konlash, and so on.
To control the quality with the strict standard.



Workers will use adhesive tape to fix the eyelashes. After that, they will put each lash into the plastic mold in a skillful way, and strips are cut to an appropriate length. This is not a hard step, however, requiring skill full hands, and experience. The first step will indicate fan type and length. Finally, the lines will stick on a piece of paper.


We use the steel steel pipe to roll Step 1 lashes and the steel is designed with different diameters. The small stainless steel pipe is used to roll mink lashes to get big curls, bigger curvature for bigger curls. And the stainless steel pipe with a small diameter is useful to make dramatic Pre-made fan lashes lashes.

Vietnam eyelash Workers are all high-trained with more than 10 years of experience. We will guarantee to narrow the lash base and give you the most long-lasting eyelash extension ever. To learn more, you can consult our latest findings of premade fan wholesale vendors around the world!


Lashes Dry
Dry in Lashes factory

The lash artists will steam the rolled mink lashes for 4-5 hours to get shaped premade fan lashes with curls. The lashes will get great curls after the steaming process, and the curls will stay in the good shape, without any transformation after cooling.

Making premade fan lashes base

The employee will apply enough glue to fix the base of the eyelashes. This phase calls for the adhesive’s composition as well as how much glue is used.
Each factory will use a different glue to create a thin base with extended lash retention. High-quality black glue is used in Vietnam’s eyelash factories, and it has been a trade secret for more than 7 years.


Lash checking
Premade fan lashes checking and packing

The qualified premade fans will be adhered to personalized labels in this stage. Before shipping and packaging, we will conduct a second inspection at the Vietnam Eyelashes Factory. Before packaging, the qualifying fan lashes will be examined to guarantee the highest possible level of lash quality.

We can custom the lash tray, with different colors, shapes to match your lash box packaging.






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