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Lash Extension Materials: Mink vs. Silk vs. PBT; What’s the real difference?

Given the uncertainty around the various types of lashes available and their quality, we are frequently asked what kind of lashes we use. There are three main categories of lash extension materials: Mink vs. Silk vs. PBT.

Faux Mink Lash Extension

Simply defined, Faux Mink is a premium variety of synthetic lashes designed to imitate the delicacy and quality of genuine Mink Lashes. Although the technology has advanced over the years to make them look more natural than they ever did, it is a vegan-friendly alternative that is composed of plastic fibers.

Mink lashes
Mink lashes of Vietnam eyelashes Co., Ltd

How does it compare favorably to authentic Mink eyelashes?

Depending on the brand of faux mink lashes you choose to use, each one may have a different construction technique. For example, some of them might not use a soft band and instead make the entire lash out of plastic, making it stiffer and more difficult to apply than lashes made from softer materials, like cotton. It involves trial and error.

Silk Lash Extension

Your natural eyelash’s bend is replicated in the form of Silk Lashes. In comparison to the synthetic blend, these mid-weight lash extensions are finer and more flexible. They retain water somewhat better than synthetic ones because they are softer and more porous.

Silk lashes
Silk lashes of Vietnam eyelashes Co., Ltd

The body of the lash stays thicker for a longer period of time since these extensions have a much shorter taper than mink lashes. The eyelash seems fuller and more natural as a result.

PBT Lash Extension

PBT, a synthetic semi-crystalline manufactured thermoplastic, is the preferred term. A high-performance material, it has a high molecular weight and a reputation for being a strong, flexible, and resistant plastic.

Pbt lashes
PBT lashes of Vietnam eyelashes Co., Ltd

PBT produces lashes that are exquisite, silky, light, glossy, and maintain their curl while having a natural look. In addition, PBT has the lowest likelihood of causing an allergic reaction on human skin when compared to other materials used for eyelash extensions.

The most popular fiber used for lash extensions is PBT which has various types, such as Konex, Pbblack, Konlash, and so on.

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