Some of the newest falsies on the market, Mink Lashes—often referred to as faux mink lashes or luxurious lashes—have recently generated a lot of excitement in the cosmetics industry. They are not just totally distinct from the typical artificial lashes you would often find, reaching astounding lengths and created to embrace elegance and beauty.

Vietnam 3D Mink Lashes

Material of Mink Lashes

Before, Mink lashes were made from human hair and animal fur, but recently, almost Mink lashes factories use synthetic fibers.
Because mink eyelash extensions are made from natural fur, they have a natural quality that cannot be matched to synthetic materials. Often, people may not recognize that you are wearing lash extensions and confuse them with your own lashes.

When Mink lashes were originally made available, only high-profile celebrities could afford to wear them. After a few years, Mink lashes are more widely available and more reasonably priced at various beauty stores.

Mink lashes
Mink Lashes Catalog

Type of Mink Lashes

We can categorize them into three groups:
Strip mink lashes:

Give off a natural appearance and blend in well with your real lashes. The hairs are comfortable to wear and are silky, ultra-fine, and lightweight while yet giving you the stunning appearance you’ve been imagining.

3D mink lashes:

For a more dramatic appearance. The vibrant, lustrous 3D lashes will make you stand out. They will draw attention to your eyes, but because mink hairs are soft, you will still look natural.

Individual minks

To give the eyes a fluffy, yet light and soft look, numerous real mink extensions can be applied per natural lash.

Why should you choose a reputable Mink Lash Factory?

Because they are made of natural fur, mink eyelash extensions also behave naturally and may have a few flaws, but these are usually minor inconveniences that can be easily fixed.

Vietnam Eyelashes Factory
Vietnam Eyelashes Factory

Our Mink Lashes Factory always selects the best materials to avoid causing allergies to the skin and face of our customers.
So contact us for the best Mi. Vietnam Eyelashes Factory visits false eyelash factory.


Every industry has its dominating companies that compete daily to be better than the other. Hope you will find a good false eyelash manufacturer from Vietnam.

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