Top Eyelash Manufacturers in the Vietnam

Top Eyelash Manufacturers in the Vietnam

Top Eyelash Manufacturers in Vietnam is one of the most interesting of all beauty studios.

False eyelashes (or “Lashes”) have been around since the turn of the last century and have made a strong comeback in recent years.

If you own a cosmetic company selling a range of eye makeup products, you’ll want to make sure that false eyelashes are also on your product list and, in order to do so, you’ll have to find the best Lashes supplier (lashes manufacturer).

Vietnam has the largest manufacturing base for beauty products and accessories, including artificial eyelashes. In this guide, we list Top Eyelash Manufacturers in Vietnam.

Types of Lashes

  • Strip lashes are a full set of lashes that cover the whole of the top lash line, are easy to apply, and have to be removed after each wear.
    Top Eyelash Manufacturers in the Vietnam 1
    Strip lashes
  • Individual lash extension is one false eyelash extension, applied to one isolated natural lash with adhesive. A volume fan is simply several lash extensions joined together at the base, applied the same way as individual one-on-one lash extensions. The fans can be created by hand using one of many techniques or purchased pre-made.
  • Top Eyelash Manufacturers in the Vietnam 2
    Pre-made fan lashes

Whatever type of false eyelashes you require, be sure to liaise with the private label manufacturer to find the ones that best suit your company’s brand

Top Eyelash Manufacturers in Vietnam

This table contains information on some of the private label eyelashes companies in Vietnam, ranked (where available) by annual sales. Additional details on each company’s headquarters location and the number of employees are also included, as well as summaries of company activities below.

Top eyelash manufaturer in vietnam 3
Information from Vietnam yellow page ranking and company website


Every industry has its dominating companies that compete daily to be better than the other. Hope you will find a good false eyelash manufacturer from Vietnam.

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